Xeomin is a highly purified type A botulinum toxin with increased safety and efficacy of application for the correction of mimic wrinkles in the area around the eyes and mouth, eyebrows and forehead lines. Xeomin smoothes wrinkles, while maintaining natural facial expressions without the effect of “mask”.

It contains only pure, active neurotoxin, purified from complex proteins, which reduces the risk of side effects and addiction, even with regular use.

Xeomin is safe and convenient to use; it can be stored at room temperature for up to three years.

Based on the constantly improving knowledge of botulinum toxin, a huge amount of basic research, in-depth understanding of the structure and mechanism of action of botulinum toxin, a new form was developed that represents an advanced product with the highest specific biological activity and the lowest content of foreign proteins among all commercially available drugs. 

Purification of Xeomin:

Traditional botulinum toxins type A                Purification of complex proteins                             Xeomin


The absence of complex proteins in the composition of Xeomin has a significant advantage – reduces its potential immunogenicity (the production of antibodies to the drug and, as a consequence, insensitivity to it).

Another advantage of Xeomin is its stability: it can be stored at room temperature for 48 months, which distinguishes it from other drugs whose storage conditions require either being in the freezer or in the refrigerator.

An important point in determining such remarkable properties of the drug Xeomin is its small molecular weight – 150 kDa, the lowest among the currently existing botulinum toxins, which is a very important point when injecting into the small facial muscles.

The action Xeomin

Thanks to more than half a century of research, the chemical structure of all 7 botulinum toxin serotypes known to date, their functions, and pharmacological properties have been thoroughly studied. The mechanism of action of botulinum toxin is very interesting: the drug penetrates into the synaptic plaque located on the muscle fiber, blocks the specific protein SNAP-25, which carries vesicles with acetylcholine (a substance without which muscle contraction is impossible), which causes a blockade of nerve impulses and, as a result, lack of muscle contraction.

Corrections of mimic wrinkles with the help of Xeomin

Upper face

The most frequent object of correction with the help of botulinum toxin injections in aesthetic dermatology is the area of ​​the equilis (glabella). This is the zone of the location of the proud muscle (m. Procerus), which starts from the nasal bone and attaches to the skin of the forehead. This muscle forms the transverse folds between the eyebrows, which adorns the appearance of men, but bothers women who want to have softer features.

In the area of ​​the broach, the vertical wrinkles, formed due to the activity of m. corrugator supercilii – “eyebrow frown” is also eliminated.

Another common object of the upper part of the face is horizontal forehead wrinkles formed by the fibers of the frontal abdomen m. occipitofrontalis (m. epicranius). It should be borne in mind that an overdose of the drug or too close to the eyebrows injection can lead to ptosis (omission). Therefore, the introduction of the drug is carried out no closer than 2 cm from the eyebrow line. There is one more circumstance: in connection with the lateral spread of the fibers of the frontal muscle, an asymmetrical distortion of the eyebrows or excessive lifting of one of them is possible (posture of “surprise”). In this case, make the appropriate corrective injections for lowering the eyebrows.

Eye area

The correction of the “crow’s feet” – the grids of wrinkles localized at the lateral angle of the palpebral fissure (“crow’s feet”) – is extremely popular. Their occurrence is due to excessive contraction of the lateral part of the circular muscle of the eye – m. orbicularis oculi, and also to some extent the muscles involved in the formation of a smile – m. zygomaticus and m. risorius. To detect these wrinkles, you must ask the patient to smile actively in order to detect the “foot” (or “mesh”) of the periorbital wrinkles.

Middle and lower face, nose, lips

In this area, one often comes across a cosmetic correction of the mouth and lips. Above all, especially women, are worried about radial wrinkles around the lips, or the “smoker’s line” (“smoker’s lines”). For correction, injections are made into the circular muscle of the mouth – m. orbicularis oris.

The nasolabial folds are now replenished with the help of fillers. However, in some cases, botulinum toxin is injected directly lateral to the wing of the nose. Target muscles, as a rule, are: muscle, lifting the upper lip – m. levator labii superioris alaeque nasi and the muscle involved in the formation of a smile – mm. zigomatici.

In the nose, the object of manipulation is m. nasalis, which is involved in the formation of wrinkles on the nose – “rabbit lines”.

Neck area

Tie on the neck – the most vivid and unrelenting sign of aging skin, causing so much concern to women. Botulinum toxin immediately proved to be a saving means. Vertical beams are easier to correct. Usually, do several injections in each strand m. Platysma, this may be marked weakness of the muscles of the neck and swallowing disorder. As for the horizontal lines on the neck – the “necklace” lines, botulinum therapy is also used here, but with less success and requires the involvement of other methods.

Xeomin procedure

The procedure for the introduction of the drug lasts 20-30 minutes, it is painless, leaves no pronounced edema and allows you to immediately return to normal activities.

You need to know that a doctor who has been trained and received a certificate, which gives him the right to use it in practice, should conduct the correction of wrinkles with Xeomin.

The beginning of therapeutic action

The therapeutic effect of BTA appears 2–3 days after administration, the peak of the therapeutic effect occurs 7–12 days later. This effect gradually decreases and muscle spasms return.

Duration of action

The therapeutic effect of botulinum toxin is temporary when administered in small doses, and therefore muscle contraction is gradually restored. Although the binding of toxin is irreversible, recovery occurs due to the growth of new nerve endings and the creation of new neuromuscular joints. This circumstance explains the temporary effect of therapeutic doses, which lasts from 3 to 6 months.