Liver Diseases: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

In recent years, experts have noted an increase in the number of liver diseases in the population. The danger of these diseases is, among other things, that they can be asymptomatic or with unexpressed symptoms at an early stage. When a patient goes to a doctor, it is often difficult for a specialist to correct the changes that have occurred in the body: long and serious treatment is required. That is why the timely diagnosis of liver diseases, as well as their prevention is very important for maintaining health.
Causes of diseases Before we talk about the causes of liver disease, let’s say a few words about what functions this organ performs. First of all, it is detoxification: it is the liver enzymes that process toxic compounds into a safe form. In addition, important metabolic processes take place in the liver. In this gland, bile is synthesized, without which normal digestion is impossible (and first of all, the digestion of fats), and glycogen stores from excess glucose are formed. Here is the metabolism of vitamins and hormones. The liver is actively involved in the metabolism, and its work is influenced by many different factors, which often cause illness.