Sport with liver disease

Exercising can be useful in liver disease only if approved by your doctor. The fact is that playing sports affects the metabolism – one of the most important functions performed by the liver. Excessive loads or exercises during the exacerbation can only lead to a deterioration of the condition and complication of the disease – in this case we can talk about the harm of sport for the liver.

Properly chosen exercises will help improve blood circulation, the flow of bile, relieve stagnation and spasms in the abdominal organs.

As a sport for liver diseases can be recommended: walking, easy jogging, swimming, skiing, skating.

In the gym, classes are best performed on all fours or lying on your left side. So the liver is minimally loaded, and at the same time it helps the flow of bile.

Moderate exercise, physical therapy combined with breathing exercises is a recommended sport for the treatment of the liver. Here are examples of such exercises:

Warm up: take turns to rise to the toe of the right or left leg, while tilting the head in the opposite direction.
Lying on the left side, bend the left leg, and raise the straight left arm up. Then, raising the right hand, exhale and bend the right leg with a knee to the chest.
Getting up on all fours, raise your head and take a breath. Slowly move the right leg to the position between the arms, while the foot should slide along the floor. Further, the same with the left foot.
Perform the exercise “bike”, lying on his back, for 30-60 seconds.
From the prone position on the left side, simultaneously raise the right leg and arm, linger for a few seconds and return to the starting position.
Stand on all fours, then sit on your heels and linger in this position for 1-2 minutes.
Squatting with the hands on the belt – 15-20 times.
Starting position: 15-20 bends forward and to the right, stretch your forehead to the right knee.
Jumping on two legs 5-6 times.
A healthy lifestyle, avoiding bad habits, taking medications on the recommendation of a doctor, proper nutrition and sport – and the state of the liver will significantly improve!