About us

Company’s history

1985 — BV Chemie Pharmacie Holland (BV CPH) was founded by Mr. Gerard Klein and Mr. Harry Bueno de Mesquita. The main focus of the company was to provide high-quality substances in global market, including Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

1996 — Representative office of BV Chemie Pharmacie Holland started its operation in Uzbekistan

2002 — Dekont Farm was established by BV Chemie Pharmacie Holland and Mrs. Natalya Khachieva

2005 — Merger of two companies, BV Chemie Pharmacie Holland and Dekont Farm


“It is our vision to continue being one of the most trusted, educative and inspiring company on Uzbek market supporting healthcare industry”.


“We strive to improve patients’ health by supplying highest quality medication and by introduction of new treatment algorithms and by sharing best practices available worldwide with Uzbekistan’s Healthcare and Aesthetic professionals”


“Always on guard of your health”